Keep Count

by Canadian Wedding

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released January 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Canadian Wedding Sturgis, Michigan

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Track Name: Keep Count
don't slow down. make it count.
and when you find yourself without anyone else,
i'll be yours.

I know i fucked up. so i'm biting my tongue.
and giving you space, but just let me say. i've always been yours.

i'm rotting at the trunk.
these roots just won't budge.
you're what i've always been looking for,
what these branches have always been reaching for.
Track Name: Underground (I'm Not Sorry)
against a wall, we start to rot.
running from what we both want.
but i won't fight it anymore.
I don't want to fight with you anymore.
I'm just so tired anymore.
These days get so tired and bored.

Take my hand now,
i'm buried in the ground.
pull me back up,
but don't you make a sound.
Maybe one day you and I will get this right,
but until then I bid you goodnight.

you believe anything that you're told,
and not what you see.
your kind eyes are so blind.
i've got to leave.
i'm not sorry.

i've got to leave. i'm so sorry.
Track Name: Better Things to Do
old friends prefer old friends,
so i'll take you back any day now.
I keep a button in my pocket, to remind me
of the way you look on our walks down third street.

I'm still there.
nothing here can make me move.
I won't leave
until the mess I've made has finally left the room.

You'll find better things to do.
While I try clearing my head.
But tonight, in this light,
all I can see is you.

Going home, feeling lost.
And I have been.
And you know that.
I love you so much,
I can't help but hold on.

To the thought
that you and I are better off.
Track Name: The Midwest is So Far East
Call me what you like, or just call me.
'Cause I've been dying to hear your voice again.

And you can tell me this is all my fault.
'Cause in the end, well, we both know that you're right,
I just need you to know.

If you wanted a city, I would build it.
We could climb all the buildings, or just sit there.
And do nothing at all.
Track Name: More Alive Than We've Ever Been
I'd lost hope but I'm getting better,
the last thing that I can remember,
is waking up to nothing and no one.
A portrait of someone I don't know.

I made it out, finally found myself.
And found you, escaped what I thought was hell.
You close your eyes and whisper to me,
no one will love you the way that I love you.

I spent the rest of the weekend with you and your family.
You wanted out.
Well I was on my way out anyway.

tonight we're dead,
but tomorrow we'll be more alive than we've ever been.