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these were all recorded live in my bedroom except for ghostlove. i'm releasing it for free, for my 20th birthday. they're all on ukulele except for 20 which is obviously guitar. if for some reason it's not free for you, try this: www (dot) mediafire (dot) com/?b5lp4qjpm9iuhub


released February 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Canadian Wedding Sturgis, Michigan

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Track Name: Colours
You are a beautiful blend of color,
and I am the dullest shade of grey.
I lie to you and say "I'll see you once again."
One day.

I hope that someday you will find the people that can calm your mind.
I'm breaking bones just to call you mine.

Love is real, I've seen it.
And I love you, believe it.
A random act of treason,
to myself, that I can't put a stop to.

Maybe one day I will be the one that can make you happy.
For years to come I'll call you mine.

And we get so high,
when we're so low,
I left last night,
with nowhere to go.
Track Name: ghostlove
I wandered 'round your room,
and found you placed up on a shelf.
Telling stories to the people you thought you knew so well.
And looking at me, I noticed your eyes aren't as blue as we all thought them to be.

Sometimes I wish I had found my way into the ground,
but now our fingers can't collide within this house.
I've changed my mind,
I've changed my ways.
I'm counting down all the days 'til we can use our lungs again.
Track Name: 20
Secrets don't make friends.
At the same time, they keep us close.
I've got books full of them,
I've got my reasons not to turn and run away.
But you know as well as I do, there's nowhere to go.

Put the pen to paper,
write a novel bout the things that you've seen here.
Soon we'll sink this ship,
break down the mast and go down with it.
But you know as well as I do,

Pieces of the great perhaps,
come together and split in half,
Leave you wondering what could've been,
leave you satisfied with what really did.

So tonight, tell all your friends
About the good news and your faith in them.
after that, put on a sweater,
write a letter to your mother,
tell her how you're finally free
from the things that held you hostage
the last three years.
Track Name: Black Swallows Blue
break the skin,
believe again,
in something other than yourself.
try your best to be what you want,
'cause all you are now is dead.

look up at the sky,
remember the way that it looks in the night.
When black swallows blue,
I'll tell you the truth,
for the first time, I feel alive.

northern bound,
we're leaving town,
we're finally out of the state.
losing touch,
not giving a fuck,
not caring for much these days.

look up at the sky,
remember the way that it looks in the night.
When black swallows blue,
I'll tell you the truth,
for the first time, I feel alive.

I don't know where to go,
from here it looks like a straight shot home.
I walk slow, and reek of smoke.
I've got nothing left to show.