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by Canadian Wedding

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released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Canadian Wedding Sturgis, Michigan

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Track Name: anomaly
in foresight -
white lies.
too bright for my eyes.
call it an anomaly,
just out of the blue.

there are demons
in the porch light.
they wait outside.
i welcome them
to try their worst.
i'll try my best; i haven't yet.
Track Name: Illinois
no regrets,
radios blaring through
the hospital.
a cigarette
in your mouth.
sleep on the floor -
you've let me down.

whisper soft,
"for what it's worth,
i thought you were golden".
at your birth,
your father commented
on your hands -
said that they would do great things someday.

you've got big, big plans.

you said,
"i feel like i did at 22,
and she was the last thing for me to lose"
but now you live in illinois,
teaching high school girls and boys
but you still think of what you once had
and how you can never get it back.

hold on to all the people that claim to love you.

you were always there for me,
and i will always be there for you.
i've never said that to anyone,
at least not while meaning it,
so please don't ignore this.

I'm not just some person that claims to love you.
Track Name: with or without you
i've got a lot to learn from you.
so let's move far, far away.
we could write our names in the mountains of norway
you've got me wandering from coast to coast to coast to coast

i will never grow tired of you.
but i will grow old, with or without you.
we could own the streets of downtown chicago
if you decide to leave, where then will i go?

my hearts a home big enough to hold you.
bring all your friends, your family can come too.
we spend our days in northern indiana,
but we live like the cool kids in seattle.